Gibara Cuba Wedding Bridal Session | Heather

This session is like none other I have ever shot. When Heather and I were out in Cuba for a wedding I really wanted to do a session that is really unique to the area as I like to do in all my destinations. This time around I actually used Heather as my model though. It’s pretty strange taking pictures of your girlfriend in a wedding dress but I think the weirdness was outweighed by the amazing pictures.

Heather has a couple wedding dresses she has used for models as well as to model in herself for other photographers. I made sure I packed my bags lightly so I could throw the dress in my bag. Before we left for Cuba I knew exactly where I wanted to go. 45 minutes away from the Paradisus in Cuba is the town of Gibara. It’s a fishing town that was hit by hurricane Ike a few years ago which you can still see clear signs of to this day. I rented a guide and jeep to get us around which was probably the best decision I made for the trip as having a translator came in handy. My Spanish is still very limited.

Gibara Cuba

Destination Wedding Photography

Destination Wedding Photographer

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Hurricane Wedding

Gibara Cuba Images

This ship was broken into three pieces and has been sitting on the rocky shore for years. While the locals thought I was crazy for wanting to go take pictures with them it was actually one of the biggest reasons I chose to go here.

Cuba Wedding Photographer

Ship Wreck Bride

Ship Wreck Wedding

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Gibara Wedding

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Gibara Wedding Images