Crystal Ballroom & Rosewater Wedding | Nicole + Darren

Rainy days can happen for weddings. It’s not always ideal or what we hope for, but we adapt and find new and exciting places to take pictures. Nicole & Darren got married last November at the Rosewater, downtown Toronto and it just so happened to be one of those days. After they got ready for their big day and it was time for photos of them I knew exactly where we could go to stay out of the rain and still get some great shots. The Crystal Ballroom is one of the very best kept secrets of Toronto. It’s a magnificent old ballroom which has been left unused for many years and trapped in time. You can’t always get in, but with a little luck, we got in.

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Crystal Ballroom

Crystal Ballroom Wedding Pictures

Crystal Ballroom Toronto

Crystal Ballroom Wedding Images

Crystal Ballroom Wedding

Rosewater Wedding

Rosewater Wedding Images

Wedding at Rosewater

Rosewater Wedding Pictures

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