NCL Epic Cruise Wedding | Sophie + Phil

Sophie & Phil had originally booked me to shoot their wedding here in Toronto. With Sophie at school in Montreal and Phil running a business in Toronto it was a little too much for them to plan a large wedding at the same time. They decided to change everything and cancel their plans of a local wedding and book everything on the brand new NCL Epic cruise ship. It was a very different experience shooting a wedding on a cruise ship. As big as the ship is, many of the spaces are small.

As soon as I knew where we were going I started my research. In St Maarten there is an airport where planes pass insanely close to the beach. There are hundreds of photos and videos online showing planes passing feet above the heads of people. I knew exactly the photo we had to get. One I had never seen before. I timed our trip around the island to get us there in plenty of time for the main event. We had hundreds of others around us watching but most were kind enough to give some extra space to the newly weds.

A video, just for proof. If I didn’t have this I know there would be a lot of people who would think it is all fake.


Hi everyone. I wanted to write this quick blog post as I haven’t been around as much as normal. I haven’t disappeared but I have been off most social communication systems for a while. It’s amazing how a short break from facebook, blogs, and twitter can snowball from a couple months to over a year.

Well. I am back on. It will take me a little bit to catch up so please be patient. I will be going through everything in the next couple weeks as well as catching up on some items that have been on the to do list for a while.

Blue Mountain Resort Wedding | Julie + Shawn

This is another wedding I shot with Richard of Isis Photography in Collingwood to help him out during the time his baby was due. Blue Mountain is a place I often visit in the winters for skiing but rarely have the opportunity to go to during the summer.

Blue Mountain Wedding

Blue Mountain Wedding Photography

Wedding at Blue Mountain

Wedding at Blue Mountain Resort

Blue Mountain Resort Wedding

Blue Mountain Wedding Images

Collingwood Wedding

Wedding in Collingwood

Blue Mountain Wedding Photography

Blue Mountain Wedding Photographer

Cranberry Resort Wedding | Amy + Brock

Last year I got a call from my buddy Richard from Isis Photography in Collingwood to help him out. His wife was having a baby and was due any day. I came up to fill her shoes for a few of dates I had available and to step in just in case he had to go.

This was definitely the most exciting and unique groom getting ready shots I have ever done. The ceremony and reception was held at Cranberry Resort in Collingwood, which is located right on the lake. The guys were transported to the wedding by speedboat (kind of like in the Hang Over 2 but we found a better parking spot). With no speed limits on the water, we hit speeds around 74mph.

Cranberry Resort

Cranberry Resort Wedding

Speedboat Wedding

Wedding by Speed Boat

Cigarette Boat Wedding

Wedding at Cranberry Resort

Cranberry Resort Wedding

Cranberry Resort Wedding

Cranberry Resort Wedding Images

Collingwood Wedding

Wedding in Collingwood

Collingwood Wedding Images

Collingwood Wedding Photos

Cranberry Resort Collingwood Wedding

Crystal Ballroom & Rosewater Wedding | Nicole + Darren

Rainy days can happen for weddings. It’s not always ideal or what we hope for, but we adapt and find new and exciting places to take pictures. Nicole & Darren got married last November at the Rosewater, downtown Toronto and it just so happened to be one of those days. After they got ready for their big day and it was time for photos of them I knew exactly where we could go to stay out of the rain and still get some great shots. The Crystal Ballroom is one of the very best kept secrets of Toronto. It’s a magnificent old ballroom which has been left unused for many years and trapped in time. You can’t always get in, but with a little luck, we got in.

King Eddy Wedding

Crystal Ballroom

Crystal Ballroom Wedding Pictures

Crystal Ballroom Toronto

Crystal Ballroom Wedding Images

Crystal Ballroom Wedding

Rosewater Wedding

Rosewater Wedding Images

Wedding at Rosewater

Rosewater Wedding Pictures

Jewish Wedding