Blue Mountain Resort Wedding | Julie + Shawn

This is another wedding I shot with Richard of Isis Photography in Collingwood to help him out during the time his baby was due. Blue Mountain is a place I often visit in the winters for skiing but rarely have the opportunity to go to during the summer.

Blue Mountain Wedding

Blue Mountain Wedding Photography

Wedding at Blue Mountain

Wedding at Blue Mountain Resort

Blue Mountain Resort Wedding

Blue Mountain Wedding Images

Collingwood Wedding

Wedding in Collingwood

Blue Mountain Wedding Photography

Blue Mountain Wedding Photographer

Cranberry Resort Wedding | Amy + Brock

Last year I got a call from my buddy Richard from Isis Photography in Collingwood to help him out. His wife was having a baby and was due any day. I came up to fill her shoes for a few of dates I had available and to step in just in case he had to go.

This was definitely the most exciting and unique groom getting ready shots I have ever done. The ceremony and reception was held at Cranberry Resort in Collingwood, which is located right on the lake. The guys were transported to the wedding by speedboat (kind of like in the Hang Over 2 but we found a better parking spot). With no speed limits on the water, we hit speeds around 74mph.

Cranberry Resort

Cranberry Resort Wedding

Speedboat Wedding

Wedding by Speed Boat

Cigarette Boat Wedding

Wedding at Cranberry Resort

Cranberry Resort Wedding

Cranberry Resort Wedding

Cranberry Resort Wedding Images

Collingwood Wedding

Wedding in Collingwood

Collingwood Wedding Images

Collingwood Wedding Photos

Cranberry Resort Collingwood Wedding

Crystal Ballroom & Rosewater Wedding | Nicole + Darren

Rainy days can happen for weddings. It’s not always ideal or what we hope for, but we adapt and find new and exciting places to take pictures. Nicole & Darren got married last November at the Rosewater, downtown Toronto and it just so happened to be one of those days. After they got ready for their big day and it was time for photos of them I knew exactly where we could go to stay out of the rain and still get some great shots. The Crystal Ballroom is one of the very best kept secrets of Toronto. It’s a magnificent old ballroom which has been left unused for many years and trapped in time. You can’t always get in, but with a little luck, we got in.

King Eddy Wedding

Crystal Ballroom

Crystal Ballroom Wedding Pictures

Crystal Ballroom Toronto

Crystal Ballroom Wedding Images

Crystal Ballroom Wedding

Rosewater Wedding

Rosewater Wedding Images

Wedding at Rosewater

Rosewater Wedding Pictures

Jewish Wedding

Granite Ridge Golf Course Wedding | Becky + Tim

Becky and Tim were married last November. It was an amazingly warm day which meant we didn’t have to keep ducking inside to warm up like most winter weddings.

Wedding at The Manor | Soula + Cameron

It’s been a little while since I have posted a blog and it’s about time I catch up with all my posts I have been sitting on for the past few months. Soula and Cameron had their wedding at The Manor last year.

Flaming cheese. Loved the show. Almost as much as the food itself.

Liberty Grand Wedding | Amanda + Blair

Amanda and Blair had their wedding at Liberty Grand in the Artifacts room. We headed off after the ceremony to the near by Liberty Village for photos. Liberty Village is full of character and great backdrops for photos and always seems to have great light.Liberty Grand Wedding

Liberty Grand Wedding Photography

Liberty Grand Wedding Photographer

Liberty Village Wedding

Liberty Village Wedding Photography

Wedding Bouquet

Liberty Village Photography

Wedding in Liberty Village

Artifacts Room Wedding

Wedding at Liberty Grand

Wedding in Artifacts Room, Liberty Grand

Liberty Grand Wedding, Toronto

Liberty Grand Wedding Images

Liberty Grand Weddings

Bellagio Banquet Hall Wedding, Vaughan | Anna & Lakis

The moment I walked into Anna and Lakis’s wedding reception at the Bellagio Banquet Hall in Vaughan, I knew that it was going to be my favorite wedding to date for the details. They chose a Masquerade themed wedding with masks, feathers, and jewels. The details from getting ready to reception were amazing.

It started with the dress, shoes, and room. I’m a guy, a guys guy. I shouldn’t like these things… but I do. I loved the french antique furniture with Anna’s dress on a mannequin stand and Versace shoes. They all worked so well with each other as if they were setup for a magazine shoot and not a real bride.

At the reception, every person had a masquerade mask, many of them unique. Mine happened to make me look like a Mexican wrestler, but I won’t be posting that image here for your own good. James from To Suit Your Fancy really did an amazing job decorating the place.

Vaughan Wedding Photographer

Versace Wedding Shoes

Greek Wedding Photography

Greek Wedding Photographer

Greek Wedding

Vellore Centre Wedding

Vellore Centre Wedding Photography

Vellore Centre Wedding Photographer

Vellore Centre Wedding, Vaughan

Vellore Centre Wedding Images

Vellore Centre Wedding Pictures

Vellore Centre Wedding Woodbridge

Woodbridge Wedding Photography

Woodbridge Wedding Photographer

Bellagio Wedding

Bellagio, Vaughan Wedding

masquerade wedding

Bellagio Banquet Hall Wedding

Masquerade Wedding Masks

Masquerade Wedding Photography

Bellagio Banquet Hall Wedding Photography

Bellagio Wedding Photographer

Masquerade Wedding Theme

Masquerade Wedding Photos

Masquerade Wedding Images

Toronto Wedding Photography | Annabelle & Karnan

When Annabelle came to me telling me about their wedding and how it was to be held in a backyard in Toronto, I was a little confused. Big backyards and Toronto don’t really go hand in hand. When I showed up though I was taken back and pleasantly surprised. The house was spectacular, perfect for a wedding and the details and food was stunning. They both came from London (England) as with a lot of their guests which made for a great group of people. You know it’s a group from the UK when the DJ plays Oasis and every single guy at the wedding is on the dance floor singing, such a memorable night with such a good couple.

Toronto Wedding Photography

Wedding Details

Toronto Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographers Toronto

Wedding Photography in Toronto

Toronto Wedding Photographers

At this moment in time I remember hearing her say to Annabelle, “You are beautiful”.

Chuch Wedding Photography

North York Wedding Photography

North York Wedding Photographer

Car Wedding Image

Backyard Wedding

Toronto Wedding Photographer

Toronto Wedding Pictures

Toronto Wedding Pictures

Toronto Wedding Images

Toronto Wedding Photos

One day he may be taking over my job.

Toronto Photographer

Wedding Photography in Toronto

Wedding Photographers in Toronto

Wedding Speach Photo

First Dance Photo

Toronto Wedding

Toronto Wedding Photographer

Barrie Country Club Wedding | Angela + Matthew

Angela & Matt were married at the Barrie Country Club earlier in the summer. The weather turned out to be amazing with endless blue skies and comfortable temperature (not too often do we get both at the exact same time in the peak summer months).

Barrie Country Club Wedding

Barrie Golf and Country Club Wedding

Barrie Wedding Photography

Barrie Wedding Photographer

Barrie Country Club Wedding Photography

Barrie Golf Course Wedding Photography

Barrie Golf and Country Wedding

Barrie Country Club Wedding Images

Wedding in Barrie

Wedding at Barrie Country Club

Old Mill Wedding | Susan & David

Susan & David got married at The Old Mill in Toronto, with their reception in Guildhall (my favorite hall within The Old Mill). This location can get a little busy with brides and grooms getting their pictures taken in the afternoon so it was perfect we did a “first look” and photos before the ceremony which gave us full access to the grounds without competition.

Old Mill Wedding

Old Mill Wedding Photography

Old Mill Wedding Photographer

Wedding at the Old Mill

Old Mill Wedding Toronto

Old Mill Toronto

Wedding at the Old Mill in Toronto

Old Mill Wedding Pictures

Old Mill Guildhall Wedding

Their friends had an amazing surprise for them and sang them a song. I managed to switch my camera into video just in time to capture the clip below.