Destination Weddings

Destination Wedding Photography

There is just something special about destination weddings. It’s much more than a wedding day—it’s a multi-day experience that you share with your closest friends and family.

While planning your wedding away, one of the biggest decisions you will face is how to go about arranging your photographer. Do you go with a resort photographer (if you are getting married at a resort), do you hire a local to the destination, or do you hire someone to go along with you?

Top 5 reasons to bring your own photographer:

  1. No strangers: There won’t be any strangers showing up on your wedding day that you haven’t seen or spoken to before.
  2. Multiple sessions: Your ceremony may only be on one day, but there is a lot more to a destination wedding than that. That’s why I include at least one other session in each package. This could be a trash the dress, bridal, etc.
  3. Security for the future: I have every intention of storing every photo of every wedding I have photographed for as long as I live. So, if something happens in 10 years time and your images are lost, you can come back to me, knowing that your images aren’t really lost forever.
  4. Local service: The actual wedding day is only part of what goes into wedding photography. If you have any pre- or post-wedding requests, it’s a little more difficult dealing with another country/language/time zone.
  5. Quality: Many popular wedding destinations just pump through weddings every day of the week, sometimes covering multiple weddings in a single day. Not as much care and personal touch is put into each one. Having a photographer that you’ve personally selected guarantees the personal attention you deserve.

I have actually had the unique opportunity to shoot a wedding at the same time as a resort photographer. The resort insisted on including the other photographer with the wedding and wouldn’t allow the bride and groom to opt out. Alyson & Kevin were kind enough to give me copies of the images that the photographer supplied to them. While I’m not going to post all the resort’s photos for the world to see at this time, if anyone is curious, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to share the private gallery with you.