Trash The Dress

Rideau River Wedding & Trash the Dress | Sarah + Murray

The day after Sarah and Murray’s wedding and after they cleaned up a bit from the night before we got together to do a really creative day after session. Starting off we went to her Uncle’s barn where Sarah grew up as a kid.

Barn Wedding

Barn Wedding Photo

Farm Wedding

Farm Wedding Photography

Ottawa Farm Wedding

When Sarah mentioned we could use one of the horses, I had no idea she was going to bring out a Clydesdale. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a horse that big in person before. It took a couple people just to get Sarah on. I’ve always wanted to get a picture of a bride on a horse.

Bride on Horse

Bride on Horse Wedding

The farm had everything. Red barns, horses, corn fields. Everything a photographer could ever want.

Corn Field Wedding

We then drove down to the Rideau River where both Sarah and Murray grew up and families have houses on and took a little paddle in the canoe.

Canoe Bride

And last but certainly not least. Wakeboarding Bride. We had some difficulty with Murray running into Sarah and making her fall but we managed to get a few photos before packing it in for the day.

Wakeboarding Bride

Gibara Cuba Wedding Bridal Session | Heather

This session is like none other I have ever shot. When Heather and I were out in Cuba for a wedding I really wanted to do a session that is really unique to the area as I like to do in all my destinations. This time around I actually used Heather as my model though. It’s pretty strange taking pictures of your girlfriend in a wedding dress but I think the weirdness was outweighed by the amazing pictures.

Heather has a couple wedding dresses she has used for models as well as to model in herself for other photographers. I made sure I packed my bags lightly so I could throw the dress in my bag. Before we left for Cuba I knew exactly where I wanted to go. 45 minutes away from the Paradisus in Cuba is the town of Gibara. It’s a fishing town that was hit by hurricane Ike a few years ago which you can still see clear signs of to this day. I rented a guide and jeep to get us around which was probably the best decision I made for the trip as having a translator came in handy. My Spanish is still very limited.

Gibara Cuba

Destination Wedding Photography

Destination Wedding Photographer

Cuba Wedding Images

Hurricane Wedding

Gibara Cuba Images

This ship was broken into three pieces and has been sitting on the rocky shore for years. While the locals thought I was crazy for wanting to go take pictures with them it was actually one of the biggest reasons I chose to go here.

Cuba Wedding Photographer

Ship Wreck Bride

Ship Wreck Wedding

Cuba Wedding Photography

Gibara Wedding

Gibara Wedding Photos

Gibara Wedding Images

Cuba Destination Wedding TTD – Paradisus| Sarah + Andrew

A follow up to Sarah & Andrew’s destination wedding in Cuba that I posted earlier. A couple days later we headed around the resort for a few additional pictures and a little fun in the water for a trash the dress session.

Thanks again to Heather Windsor for bringing me along :)

One of the best sunsets I’ve shot. I’ve mostly shot in Mexico in the Mayan Riviera where there is no good sunsets so I was thrilled when we had the chance to shoot one in Cuba.

Heather’s working hard in this one.

Puerto Morelos Wedding & Trash The Dress | Linda & Jason

For this day after and trash the dress session I decided to take a different approach then I had done on previous trips. Linda & Jason let me take care of all the details and were OK with me only having a rough plan of what we would be doing that day.

Instead of taking a Taxi, I rented a car. I knew it couldn’t just be any car, we had to ride in style. So what better way to explore Mexico then a Jeep Wrangler. There is just something about a bride in a jeep with the top down that just screams photo op.

First stop, Puerto Morelos. A small fishing town 10 minutes from the resort.

puerto morelos wedding

puerto morelos wedding

puerto morelos wedding

puerto morelos wedding

puerto morelos wedding

puerto morelos wedding

puerto morelos wedding

puerto morelos wedding

puerto morelos wedding

Considering we saw hundreds of people (sometimes in the same vehicle) piled into the backs of cars, Jason thought it would be OK to be doing a little stand up driving down some side streets.

puerto morelos wedding

We drove for a while and came to a cenote. I’ve used cenotes in the past so I was looking forward to trying a new one. Once here I was a little excited about the cliff we found. I think Jason told the story best when we got back, but my eyes really lit up when I found out it was deep enough to jump from.

Cenote Trash The Dress

Cenote Trash The Dress

After changing dresses, Linda started chatting with a little girl that lived on the property.

Cenote Trash The Dress

My favorite shot of the week. Good thing the water was warmer then the pools at the resort.

Cenote Trash The Dress

Cenote Trash The Dress

Cenote Trash The Dress

Cenote Trash The Dress

Cenote Trash The Dress

One last one. This was taken by Jason as we were driving down the highway.

Jon Rennie Photographer

Dreams Tulum Wedding Slideshow | Alyson & Kevin

I meet a lot of great people as part of what I do. It was no exception at Alyson and Kevin’s wedding. Their family and friends were awesome for the whole trip and it was really fun being around them while we were all there. I put together a slideshow of a little more than 100 images set to their fist dance song. The wedding took place in Tulum, Mexico at the Dreams Tulum Resort as well as the Tulum Ruins and a local cenote

One thing I love about what I do is convincing those who hate getting their pictures taken that it’s really not such a bad thing (in the right hands). Kevin was one of those guys, so it really meant a lot to me when Kevin told me after their trash the dress session that he had no idea he would have so much fun and it was one of the best parts of their trip.

That’s all for now. I can’t wait until my next trip to Mexico at the end of this month with a couple from Edmonton.